we are a mother daughter unit of healers; collectively known as Brown Girl Alchemy.

We have been divinely and purposefully guided by spirit to heighten awareness of the importance of healing and the reclamation of black spirituality as a necessary tool with regards to self discovery. We acknowledge the traumas that burden us as a community and utilize our relationship with each other to explore and exemplify intergenerational healing, specifically mother/daughter healing. As the mother of our unit, my life lessons have provided the catalyst for our healing and spiritual journey, which has proven to be soul food for the collective. As Brown Girl Alchemy, we journey and journal through our lessons while simultaneously healing ourselves. Our unconditional love for each other is both grounding and medicinal and it is with grateful hearts that we share our medicine through our work, podcast and spiritual products. 


divine feminine embodiment


our core values

We are open to connecting with businesses, brands, etc. whose mission align with ours. 

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