Hoodoo Candle Magick: Color Theory


May 13, 2021

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The purpose of candle magick is to set your intention/ goal with a ritual that utilizes the element of fire to amplify the intention. When doing candle magick, it’s important for me to choose the right candle, especially, color that vibrates with the intention.  In Hoodoo,  the color of your candle traditionally coincides with a particular intention, deity, etc. Don’t sleep on the power that colors possess! Here is a small guide that I use/follow when working my magick. Keep in mind that this process can be trial & error.  Maybe you’ve tried a love spell + find that pink candles provide more longevity for you than red? Do what works for you, take note of the results, have fun exploring!


✹ Red– passion, sensuality, sexuality, reunion, affection, root chakra healing Use when working with : Sango, Sekhmet

 ✹ Orange– creativity, sacral chakra healing,

 ✹ Yellow– happiness, abundance, warmth, joy, solar plexus healingUse when working with: Oshun

✹ Gold- 

✹ Green– money, business growth/matters, heart chakra healing 

✹ Blue– dream work, prophecies, spirituality, calming, meditation, empathy, healing, communication, peace,  throat chakra healing Use when working with: Yemoja, Olokun

✹ Purple– intuition, psychic abilities, third eye chakra healing ✹ Pink– romance, attraction, love, self-love, gentleness, kindness  

✹ Black– protection, banishing, hexing, unblocking/uncrossing, dealing with negative entities/energies 

✹ Brown– grounding, animals, balance

✹ White– peace, healing, blessings

Note: White candles are extremely multifaceted + pure. If you don’t have access to a particular color, we recommend using white as the default. If you’re interested in reading more about hoodoo candle magick, we recommend this book. 

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